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Welcome visitor to my biography & personal data resume​.

This page will describe:
Who I am,  What my dreams are, my future goals and 
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Personal data resume
Being born into this world on 19 April 1993, (18:24 UTC+01:00), makes my sun & moon sign 
according to the ancient vedic astrology "Aries".  According to the native american zodiac I am a "Falcon". Both Aries & Falcon their element is fire, this element is the life principle it provides heat and light, it brings on the new, it transforms. This element together with my zodiacs represents inspiration, passion, enthusiasm, intelligence, leadership, intuitivity, energeticness, adventure, optimism, loyalty, ambition, impulsive, visionary, brave, responsibility and generosity.

Personally I have a strong connection with the sun hence the name "Solarity", I do not believe in coincidence but in my search of knowledge I came across my falcon zodiac and found out it is a solar emblem, the falcon was symbolic of the rising sun in Egypt. It is also the king of all birds where many gods were shown with the head or body of the falcon (including the sun god Ra).

In my youth I found myself creating lots of stuff from custom carved sticks, bows, to soapbox vehicles, I was a true adventurer and creator. Computers fascinated me a lot too, growing up with them I learned myself some nice ICT skills which I still enjoy today.

At the time I reached the age of 12 an idea struck my mind and never left, it's an idea about a civilization other than the one we are experiencing right now, a more harmonious one.
Back in the day I named it "RiverGone", RiverGone was an idea of a place away from our civilization where me and friends would go to one day and create a harmonious settlement.
with countless thoughts on this subject I started to form a plan on how to realize this.
But what I did not know was how the idea changed over time and became very different but with the same goal of harmony.
At first I wanted to keep it simple, no technology, no contact to the outside world and live in some sort of hidden medieval world "Inspired by lord of the rings movies" 
But with time I realized that the outside world I wanted to flee from would interact with RiverGone one day so I had to change certain things. I started to see that my goal was not to create RiverGone in the way I first thought about it, but to use the vision of harmony that was embedded in the idea for an even better plan. A plan that can help everyone not only me and my friends, by seeing this perspective the idea improved by removing limitations and focus on upgrading and expanding instead. Since I removed limitations to the idea, I realized that the idea can benefit from technology & the society we are in. Technology can make everything so much easier, basically if you have enough resources you are able to automate the process of growing and harvesting food & collecting and filtering water.
Firstly this will create a system you can always rely on for food & water, maybe not much variation like a supermarket but food is food and you can always expand & upgrade. Secondly this will save you a lot of work when it is fully automated.
With this system in place you have secured two essential needs of life.

In Vedic teachings they speak of chakras there are 7 chakras or energy wheels.
The following image can explain in short what chakras are.

The root chakra is what I am interested in for this matter, the root chakra "Red" deals with survival, survival being: Having food & water, shelter, warmth and safety.
This chakra relies on money in our society if you don't have money everything you own will be taken away from you and you have trouble getting food and so on. Your whole chakra collapses and you will have trouble with survival. Since I realized this, it made me question why we live life this way, and how can it be improved. I have figured out a way which will enable the participants of that idea to make a system which will provide more stability, this can be achieved if we take let's say 20 people. These 20 people will form a "Tribe" Let's say in my case the Zulu Tribe. At the start we must all make sure we have a job, we generate income just like we would normally. Only now we live for the tribe and all members in it.
The income we generate, minimum wage "€ 1.524,60" (in The Netherlands).
20 * € 1.524 = € 30.480 each month this money goes to the Tribe's shared bank account.
From this bank account all fixed charges for every member gets paid, and everyone gets 
€ 200.- allowance.
Fixed charges each month: ( I take bigger value's than it probably is to have some tolerance )
HealthCare = Around € 40
Gas/Electricity/Water = Around € 100
Supermarket Food = Around € 300
Rent for the building = ? 300 ?
* The idea is that we rent / buy a large building to make homes in for the tribe to live.

Total: 200 + 40 + 100 + 300 + 300 = € 940

940 * 20 people = € 18.800

€ 30.480 - € 18.800 = € 11.680 left over each month.

The Tribe's shared bank account with € 11.680 coming in each month, and probably even more, upgrades can be bought to make our fixed charges smaller. For example: We can install solar panels, create bikes with generators attached to it "Fitness & Energy generation"
add small wind turbines, we can install systems that collect rainwater and filter it. 
All to lower our Fixed charges and to eventually become self-sufficient. 

Allso I calculated € 300 for food. With 20 people you can buy food at higher quantities which will result in lower price. So this will probably drop below the € 300 I am calculating with,
resulting in more income for the Tribe. 

Once we have this running for a while we've generated a lot of resources so we can continue to upgrade and look forward, we might look into 1 person of the 20 people that gets tasked with preparing food for the tribe that includes breakfast for when you wake up and have to go to work. a lunchbox ready to go, and a nice warm meal for when you return home. The person tasked with this doesn't generate income but instead works for the tribe which is an honor.  

In the future we might consider to gather all kinds of machinery, tools, supplies, so we can have a big garage like place where creativity can be set free. Imagine a place where you have all the tools, all the supplies, everything! to create what YOU want to create. WE are the creators in this universe, "GOD" is just watching. From this the greatest ideas can arise from this we can evolve. With the root sacra complete in a self-sufficient way you stand strong on planet earth, and you try to make others stand this strong as well, we can then help them to make a successful tribe too and in this way we can connect everyone. And slowly start to change the way we live life.

This is my goal in life, to help mankind raise to better solutions, more advanced systems, this project/vision I have in mind is called Zulu,  Zulu meaning: "Heaven"

I hope to one day bring Heaven to Earth - Zulu